Harmony with Horses


"(...) At Harmony, you aren’t just receiving pony rides. You are learning natural horsemanship and whole horse care. Lessons are way more than just throwing on a saddle and riding. They focus on interacting with and understanding horses. They teach you a special language shared between a horse and rider. My daughter has applied her horsemanship to her daily life. Now patience, intuition and perseverance are valuable skills in her social toolkit." Sarah V.

Returning humans to our original love of horses through compassion and understanding

Horsemanship Lessons in Bend 

Harmony with Horses LLC specializes in Holistic Horsemanship, a philosophy centered on the understanding and implementation of horses' born language, Equus. Our instruction programs are designed to guide all students, human and horse, to develop and refine a safe, confident partnership through 'feel'. 'Feel' is the ability to read and respond to horses using body language and energetic intention and serves as the foundation of authentic interactions. Such an approach to communication and learning builds a bridge between prey and predator, joining horse and human in harmony as one.


Excellent horsemanship doesn't just happen. It takes a passionate, patient student who's dedicated to rise to the challenge of creating an equine partnership. Read their experiences and imagine those that you could create!