Jordanna Anawalt

Jordanna is the founder of Harmony with Horses LLC and visionary behind the horse-human Choice Communication™ philosophy of horse-human interactions. Her professional background includes experience as a Youth-Specific Instructor, Associate Trainer and exercise rider, Trail Guide, and Stable Manager. Her equine psychology knowledge originates from a 4-year apprenticeship with CHA Master Instructor, Lisa Murphy, who studied under great horsemen Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, and Harry Whitney. Jordanna continues to expand her knowledge by studying the philosophies of Alexander Nevzorov,  Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling and other horse-first trainers. She has participated in five full-body equine dissection classes with anatomy/bio-mechanic specialist Deb Bennett, Ph.D. Harmony with Horses LLC was founded to deliver a rewarding and comprehensive experience for horse and human.

​​Harmony with Horses