​​​Lesson Fees





½ Private session (30 minutes)
$35 $45
Full Private session (60 minutes)

Group session - Off-Site (60 minutes)



Movement Analysis class (30 minutes)$15 $15
Travel Fee ($1/mile, round trip)

• Lesson fees are per student and must be paid in full at the time of service.

• 10% discount for Monthly Lesson commitments of 6+ lessons. Must be paid in advance and used within 30 days of 1st lesson.
• Cancellations/reschedules must be received 24 hours in advance. No-shows/cancellations within 24 hours of session/class time will be charged $25.00. Illness and weather cancellations are exempt.
​• SEI/ASTM-approved safety helmets are required for all students at all times. Long pants and appropriate footwear are required.

All about specificity...

​​The ability to decipher and decode effective and ineffective movements and behaviors is an essential component of communicating clearly with the horse. We use a state-of-the-art auto follow camera that films a 360° view of moving targets both indoors and outdoors to capture footage of movements between the student and horse that can be reviewed post-lesson in Movement Analysis (MA) classes. This technology is an invaluable tool in advancing student knowledge and honing the specifics of horse-human language.

All about quality...

​​It's our belief that horses offer their best ‘try’ during the first 10-30 minutes of focused work. Our lesson program is designed to uphold the horse’s cognitive well-being by capping all focused learning sessions at half an hour. By focusing on quality horse-human interactions, students learn how to honor the horse’s willing nature and create a meaningful connection.​


Our lesson program specializes in the horse-human Choice Communication™ method of equine study. Students of the school develop a comprehensive understanding of equine behavior and language to support a horse-human partnership rooted in clear communication and mutual trust. Our approach to horse-human interactions does not include tack or equipment, nor do we employ coercion-based training methods or use force, restraint or intimidation tactics. Our objective is to evolve the human being through the study of equine behavior, body language and communication. Through this method of study, deep bonds of friendship and trust occur between horse and human and it is our belief that this natural union is the truest form of connection.

​​Harmony with Horses