HORSE ​by the Mind Body Barn

Connect with Your Authentic YOU

HORSE invites students to cultivate an empowered human experience - mind, body and spirit - with Horse as their guide. Students will work closely with one horse throughout the trimester to explore how living in the moment – “Being” – brings peace, connection and harmony. When we learn how to incorporate the horse’s daily way of life into our own lives, we gain new perspectives by which to live. These perspectives are imbued with authenticity, awareness, acceptance, unconditional support and forgiveness. 

As students step into their Being, they release fear, insecurity and the notions of mistakes, making way for self-discovery and growth – “Becoming”.  Becoming teaches us to perceive our lives as a process open to exploration and learning; a way of being in the world that recognizes the inherent and constant state of flow in which all parts of the universe are evolving dynamically and inseparably.

HORSE is comprised of four multidimensional areas of study – Equine, Scholastic, Creative & Movement, Reflective – that facilitate the processes of Being and Becoming. Coursework is inspired by the program’s guiding principles and is cumulative in the sense that it cultivates skills that can expand over a lifetime. 

​​Harmony with Horses