​​Harmony with Horses


These rules are intended to uphold a peaceful and harmonious environment at Harmony with Horses LLC. It’s our goal that all beings – human & horse – have a safe and pleasant experience at HH. These rules will be periodically updated or modified and posted on our website and attached to our e-waiver. HH reserves that right to remove or refuse entry to anyone who violates any of these rules.

General Conduct

  1. The barn is a fun, friendly and supportive environment for all. Be nice to ALL beings. Treat other students, boarders, guests, visitors, and staff with the same kindness and respect with which you would like to be treated. The conduct of everyone at the barn will be dignified and civil. Belligerent, malicious, profane or otherwise objectionable conduct or language toward any human or horse will not be tolerated.
  2. All participants & visitors are required to sign a release of liability waiver once per calendar year and before interacting with any horse in any way. This includes students, boarders, guests, and visitors. Boarders are responsible for having guests sign releases. Please visit the Barn Office to sign an e-waiver.
  3. HH is a bio-secure facility. Bio-security is extremely important at HH – learn the protocols, ask questions. Change into shoes or boots and clothes different from the ones you use on other farms. If you don’t have a change of shoes or boots, use a footbath with disinfectant, or wear plastic shoe covers.
    Park away from the horses. Doing this will help keep disease-carrying organisms from being tracked back and forth on car floors or tires to our horses.
    Always wash your hands or use waterless hand sanitizer and blow your nose after working with the new horse. You could carry germs to our horses in your nose.
    Don’t share grooming equipment, pitchforks, and water or feed buckets with any new horse.
    Don’t let strangers or unauthorized visitors touch the horses, especially those with horses at home or those who have been out of the country in the past 2 weeks.
  4. HH is a private, non-smoking facility. No smoking allowed on the premises at any time.
  5. HH is a dog friendly facility. All visiting dogs must be restrained or contained such that the animal does not interfere with the safety and/or functioning of the barn. Dogs are not allowed in the barn, arenas, pastures or paddocks for any reason. Owners must clean up after their dogs. Dogs which pose a nuisance or danger to horses or humans, or whose owners do not follow these rules will be asked to leave HH.
  6. HH is a humane treatment facility. We believe that horses have the right to express their opinions/feelings through body language which may include running, kicking, striking, rearing, bucking, biting, ect. If correction is needed, use only natural horsemanship methods. If you are unsure of the method to use, consult with the Head Trainer. HH does not tolerate behavior that results in physiological discomfort, harm or pain to the horse.
  7. HH is bit-free and spur-free facility. We believe that horses are cognizant, intelligent beings who are fully able to share communication with humans without metal force. Use of bits or spurs are not allowed at HH at any time.
  8. Children 14 and under must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  9. Adhere to all posted signs including restricted area signage.
  10. Do not feed horses without permission from the horse’s owner or HH management. This includes treats (carrots, apples, manufactured), hay, and grain.
  11. HH is home to the owners of the property, please respect their privacy and do not use the areas around the house or the pond.
  12. HH currently enjoys good relations with our neighbors and ask that you do not ride/walk through their properties unless you have received permission to do so.
  13. Drive slowly on Harmony Lane - 5-10mph.


  1. Riding is a risk sport. Your choice to ride is voluntary. We take care to provide suitable and safe horses and ponies for all our students, however, all animals can be unpredictable. We strongly advise you to take out full personal accident coverage.
  2. ASTM/SEI certified helmets are required for all riders at HH – every ride, every time. All persons 18 and under are required to wear ASTM/SEI certified helmet when interacting with horses.
  3. Appropriate footwear (closed-toe) is required for everyone near horses at all times. Full length boots or paddock boots and long pants are required for all riders.
  4. Horses must be attended to at all times when outside of their stall/paddock. Do not leave horses unattended – tied or loose – in any area including tie rails, wash rack and arenas.
  5. Horses must be tied at designated locations using the provided blocker rings. Do not tie horses to any stall, gate, fence, building or unhitched trailer; it is dangerous.
  6. Do not run, yell, roughhouse, or climb on fences, buildings or hay stacks.
  7. Notify HH staff or management of any safety issues, hazards or concerns immediately. If someone does something clearly wrong AND it is a safety issue/hazard, do not confront the person unless a horse or human is in immediate danger.

Use of Facilities  

  1. Barn Hours are: Monday - Saturday 8AM-8PM & Sunday 8AM-5PM. Boarders must give HH management advanced or immediate notice if they have any reason to be on barn property outside of these hours.    
  2. Perimeter/driveway gates are to remain closed at all times. These gates will be unlocked during Barn Hours and locked at the end of the staff workday.
  3. Park in designated areas. All general parking is south of the barn’s main entry gate (including horse trailers). Handicapped parking is north of the barn’s main entry gate. Driving into the barn and/or parking at the barn is reserved for loading/unloading (feed, tack, ect.) and professional services (farrier, veterinarian, ect.).
  4. Pick up after yourself and your horse in the common areas - ties rails, wash rack, arenas and tack rooms. Remove all manure, horse hair, and hay in these areas and sweep rubber mats. Store all tack and grooming tools in specified areas. When cleaning out horse trailers, place all manure and soiled bedding in the manure pile on the SE corner of the property. Do not leave muck buckets of manure.
  5. If you…move something, put it back. Open it, close it (doors, gates, ect.). Turn it on, turn it off (water, lights, heaters, ect.). Don’t own it, don’t use it. Break it, let management know.
  6. Notify HH staff or management of any necessary repairs, maintenance, problems or needed supplies so that repairs may be made or problems remedied as soon as possible.  Any damage done to the facility (buildings, fencing, vehicles, ect.) by privately owned horses will be repaired at the horse owner’s expense.
  7. HH facility’s primary operation is Instruction (lessons, clinics, ect.). These events have precedence at the facility for tie rail, arena and classroom use.
  8. HH may offer limited access to our facility to outside guests. Guests hauling-in horses must make prior arrangements with HH management, and must provide proof of current negative Coggins, and all vaccinations required of boarder’s horses (Tetnus, Rabies, West Nile, Eastern/Western Encephalitis, Influenza (Flu), Rhinopneumonitis (Herpes), Strangles) BEFORE their horses may visit the property. Haul-in horses may not make physical contact with horses housed at HH and may not be left unattended. Owners of haul-in horses must comply with all applicable barn rules including cleaning up after their horse and bio-security protocols. HH management reserves the right to grant or refuse access to our facilities at our discretion. 

Arena Conduct

  1. Arenas are solely for the purpose of working with horses. Do not use arenas for turnouts.
  2. Lunging/At-Liberty work is allowed only in the round pen, or in the arenas when they are not being used by riders. Lunging/At-Liberty work is not permitted on any grass areas except for purposes of veterinary evaluation or as part of a lesson.
  3. Lessons being conducted by HH trainers have priority and right of way in the arenas. If there is ever a question of control and safety, the trainer has the right to ask riders to use only a designated portion of the arena or to leave the arena until the lesson is finished.  
  4. When riding in HH arenas & on HH property: Be aware of traffic flow & move away from the rail when entering arenas or adjusting tack 
    Pass left shoulder to left shoulder
    Give lesson students the right-of-way & ride at the level of the lesson
    Clean up after yourself and your horse (manure, obstacles, ect.)
    Be aware of marked and unmarked obstacles
  5. All visitors/family members accompanying a student during a lesson must remain quiet and well-behaved while at the barn. Visitors/family are welcome to observe students during their lessons by sitting/standing in designated areas outside of the arena(s) and are not allowed in the arena(s), except with expressed permission. 


  1. HH feeds hay 2x daily in PortaGrazer™ slow feeders. All horses housed in herd paddocks will be fed on this schedule and horses with special feeding requirements will be housed in individual paddocks. HH feeds supplements/medications (owner provided/paid for) 1-2x daily. Horses with special supplements who are housed in herd paddocks will be removed from the herd to receive their supplement.
  2. Feed change requests must be discussed with HH management. Feed changes will only occur if they are marked on the feed chart by HH management. The feed chart serves as our only way to ensure that each horse at HH is being fed exactly what the owner has directed that s/he be fed. Do not help yourself to extra feed, hay or shavings.
  3. Horses must have a halter with a lead rope attached hanging on the front of their gate at all times. If needed, please provide 1) a mid/heavy weight, all-weather blanket for winter 2) a light weight, all-weather sheet for transitional seasons 3) a fly mask 4) turnout boots.
  4. Horses will be turned out in specific turnout areas only – as per management. Horses may not be moved to a different paddock at any time without the permission of HH management. If you feel there is a need for change, please discuss your concern with HH management.
  5. Keep the tack room organized by storing tack and gear neatly when not in use. Each boarded horse is assigned (1) saddle rack, (1) bridle rack and hanging blanket/cooler storage in the Boarder Tack Room. Each Boarder (not boarded horse) is assigned (1) cupboard shelf for additional storage. There is space for accessories (helmet, gloves, ect.) inside the saddle rack and space for (1) grooming tote on the floor below the saddle racks.
  6. Boarders are responsible for their own equipment. Please label equipment clearly. Personal items found at tie rails, wash rack, arenas or paddocks will be placed in “lost and found.”  
  7. Boarders must leave a note on file with HH management allowing permission for additional persons to visit/handle/ride their horse without the Boarder present. Minors need a note from parent/guardian granting permission to handle/ride privately owned horses housed at HH.

Common sense and courtesy at all times!

Barn Manager – Jordanna 541-815-3131

I have read the rules above and I hereby consent to abide by all of these rules as a condition of boarding, riding, visiting, and/or residing at Harmony with Horses LLC. IF UNDER 18 YEARS OLD, THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE CO-SIGNED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN.