Dance with the Horse

Dance with the Horse is a one-of-kind camp that transcends horsemanship! Emphasis is placed on allowing, accepting and embracing the horse’s perspective. During the week, students will ignite a deep connection with their assigned camp horse as they learn to communicate and play At Liberty. Each horse-human pair will create a dance – a conversation of movements – that celebrates the innate curiosity and majestic spirit of the horse. The magic of each student’s horse dance will be shared with families at the close of camp on Friday.

Ages 8-17yrs. All Abilities. Monday-Friday (9a-1p).

​Tuition: $355

​Session 1      July 8-12 Full
Session 2      August 5-9 Full

Summer Horse Camp

Equine Experiences that cultivate:

Awareness ▪ Observation ▪ Honesty ▪ Compassion ▪ Authenticity ▪ Humility

Balance ▪ Intuition ▪ Connectedness ▪ Trust ▪ Joy ▪ Confidence ▪ Creative-Thinking ▪ Equality​

Harmony Horsemanship

Harmony Horsemanship is the ultimate camp experience for horse lovers of all backgrounds! During the week, students will learn how to ‘speak’ horse while playing games, navigating obstacles, and riding bareback & bridle-less. A variety of disciplines will be explored and all those basics – grooming, groundwork, barn safety – will be second nature after a week at Harmony. Equine-themed crafts and new friendships – both horse & human – will create lasting memories.

Ages 5-17yrs. All Abilities. Monday-Friday (9a-1p).

          Tuition: $355

​Session 1      June 17-21     
Session 2      June 24-28     

Full  Session 3      July 15-19      

Session 4      July 22-26      
Full  Session 5      July 29-Aug 2
 Full Session 6      August 12-16  
Full Session 7      August 19-23  

​​Harmony with Horses