Live Sole Hoof Mapping Class

This is a hands-on class experience that takes place over the course of four evenings.  The content of this series is to understand the anatomy of the lower limb, hoof function and hoof health, distortions and disease.  Our goal is for students to learn individual hoof structure through hoof mapping and to eventually prepare the student for barefoot trimming. 

Session 1 - June 17, 19, 24 & 26    (5-7:30p)
Session 2 - July 22, 24, 29 & 31     (5-7:30p)
Session 3 - August 5, 7, 12 & 14    (5-7:30p)

Monday & Wednesday nights.

​Tuition: $250/session

Equine Awareness Clinic

This series was specifically designed for the student who owns or leases a horse, family members of students who own or lease a horse and for those students and individuals that interact with horses on a regular basis. Those who value being in the presence of horses must have a working knowledge of basic equine healthcare needs, medical/emergency protocols and general safety concerns. Each clinic will include classroom instruction as well as practical hands-on learning.

​Session 1 - June 29 & 30 (9a-4p)

Session 2 - August 3 & 4 (9a-4p)

Saturdays & Sunday


Tuition: $350 for student          $150 each additional family member participant​​


Summer 2019 Clinics & Classes

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