Returning humans to our original love of horses through compassion and understanding 

”I consider Jordanna to be an invaluable role model for my daughter and know that the lessons learned at Harmony will permeate her life. I highly recommend Harmony With Horses and consider the smiles that I see on all the students to be a testament in and of itself to the special atmosphere that Jordanna has cultivated."  Tracy J.

"Our daughter has been a student at Harmony for almost a year and it's been incredible for her. Watching her growth over this year has been amazing. She started out in the very beginning of her horsemanship journey not knowing anything about horse behavior or how to connect with them. This year her growth has been exponential at the barn. She reads horse body language and understands their energy and also understands how her energy effects the horses.” Jordyn N.

“Lessons focus on interacting with and understanding horses. They teach you a special language shared between a horse and human. My daughter has applied her horsemanship to her daily life. Now patience, intuition and perseverance are valuable skills in her social toolkit.” Sarah V. 

“Jordanna has become a great mentor to me. She is patient, persistent and kind with all of her students and horses. Her method of training has helped my self-confidence." Kelsey A.

​"As a seasoned social worker in the middle of life changes, I feel truly blessed to have found Harmony with Horses stables. Jordanna has an innate gift of finding that balance of harmony with both humans and horses. Thank you for rekindling my fire." Eileen M.

"I could see such a boost in self-confidence and  self-esteem.  I love how Jordanna teaches them about the horses and about the "why" behind how things need to be done.  Jordanna's love for her horses is contagious.  It is evident that she has been teaching for a long time in how she handles and works with the children.  She's very patient, kind, respectful and allows the children time to really learn how to do things on their own.  This just makes their confidence soar!"  Sarah G. 


Cultivating a friendship with your horse doesn't just happen. It takes a passionate, patient student who's dedicated to reflecting inward and making adjustments in themselves to better meet the horse.

Harmony with Horses LLC specializes in horse-human Choice Communication™ interactions. Our intention is to evolve the human being through the study of equine behavior, body language and communication. Through the Choice Communication™ method of study, deep bonds of friendship and trust occur between horse and human and it is our belief that this natural union is the truest form of connection. Harmony with Horses LLC is a tack free equine establishment that stands liberated from conventional horsemanship training and lessons.

​​Harmony with Horses